Religious Education

Melling St Wilfrid CE Primary School is a Church of England school and the Religious Education it provides is in conformity with the rites, practices and doctrine of the Church of England.  Religious Education is provided within the timetable according to the syllabus approved by the Governors and the Blackburn Diocesan Educational Council.  The aim of the school is to interpret human knowledge to its pupils in the light of the Gospel, with the school community contributing to the spiritual and moral growth of the pupils, as well as to their intellectual and physical development. 

Our aims, as outlined in our Religious Education policy are:

  • To highlight the spiritual dimension by nurturing a sense of awe and wonder for the natural world, and to encourage discussion of spirituality and fundamental issues.
  • To support children in developing their own beliefs, values and attitudes.
  • To encourage children to contemplate and develop their personal stand on moral issues.
  • To help children develop a sensitive, tolerant, considered approach to understanding the variety of world faiths.
  • To develop children’s knowledge of Christianity and other world faiths with respect to their origins, sacred texts, festivals, rituals and sacred places.

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Melling St Wilfrid CE Primary School

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